Fiddle 'n' Feet is Jamie Gans on fiddle and Tamara Loewenthal on feet. We are committed to presenting the very best in percussive dance and traditional music from North America and the Celtic countries. We dance, we sing, we play fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar, jaw harps and more! Our songs and music range from Old Time Appalachian to Irish to French Canadian. In performance, we showcase a variety of step dance styles, from American clogging to English wooden shoe clogging to French Canadian reels and waltzes. We also teach percussive and traditional styles of dance, and we call and play music for square and contra dances. Rhythm is an important component of our work, whether drumming with feet or with our hands against our bodies. We engage our audiences and our students in the joy of movement and sound.

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December 2016:  What a great year we've had!  Some highlights include performing at the 2016 Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering in June; playing at our local city park for a Sunday night concert in July with a big band and a full dance cast; giving a bicentennial concert at McCormick's Creek State Park in August; visiting our old friend Ron Dye at DePauw University in October for a concert performance and a square dance; and a first time visit to the Palladium in Carmel for a sweet children's concert that included much participation.

We're now in heavy rehearsal mode for our next project:  The 10th Annual Percussive Dance Extravaganza (January 19, 2017) celebrates a milestone: what began as a showcase for Tamara's work with her students and friends has, over the last decade, blossomed into a dance company with a strong repertoire – the Foot Squad – that now performs around the state. With each successive Extravaganza, the “house band” has only gotten better, with guest musicians playing alongside a formidable array of the region’s best Old-Time musicians. There’s nothing else like it in Indiana, and we’re proud to celebrate our tenth year of presenting rousing Old-Time music, sharp percussive dance based in Appalachian flat-footing, and an original community celebration of music, dance, and creative expression.

For our 10th edition, we are being especially extravagant, with two special guests traveling from Nashville, Tennessee to join our musical feast. Clelia Stefanini brings tremendous fiddle chops, as well as a little bit of dancing, to our stage; and Eric Frey (The Revelers; Red Stick Ramblers), adds terrific bass and guitar in both the Old-Time and Cajun genres. Clelia and Eric will also offer workshops on Friday, prior to a special evening square dance.  The Extravaganza house band includes top-notch fiddlers Brad Leftwich and Jamie Gans; multi-instrumentalist Sam Bartlett on banjo, guitar, and mandolin; Grey Larsen on flute and piano; and Eric Schedler on accordion. The dancers, led by Tamara, will perform some exciting new works, along with old and new favorites. This year’s expanded cast will be sure to entertain you mightily!

We continue our work playing dances with the Hoosier Crackerjacks, a band that includes Tamara calling, with foot percussion; Jamie on fiddle; Dave Landreth on banjo; Jim Nelson on guitar; and Dedo Norris on bass.  Now booking square and contra dances for the summer, and beyond!

We also perform with the Fiddle River Stringband, which includes Tamara, Jamie, and powerhouse Bob Lucas adding vocals and banjo, and Chris Westhoff on guitar, bass, and vocals.

Stay warm, dance whenever you can, play music when you can't.

And of course, please email us for more information, or just to say hi. We love to hear from you.

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