Fiddle 'n' Feet is Jamie Gans on fiddle and Tamara Loewenthal on feet. We are committed to presenting the very best in percussive dance and traditional music from North America and the Celtic countries. We dance, we sing, we play fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar, jaw harps and more! Our songs and music range from Old Time Appalachian to Irish to French Canadian. In performance, we showcase a variety of step dance styles, from American clogging to English wooden shoe clogging to French Canadian reels and waltzes. We also teach percussive and traditional styles of dance, and we call and play music for square and contra dances. Rhythm is an important component of our work, whether drumming with feet or with our hands against our bodies. We engage our audiences and our students in the joy of movement and sound.

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It's December of 2014, and as the days get shorter, we are spending more time in our various studio spaces, prepping for the 8th Annual Percussive Dance Extravaganza.  That's right, on January 15, 2015, we'll be putting on another fun show at the Ivy Tech Waldron Center.  Jamie and Tamara will be joined by the absolutely incredible musician Brad Leftwich, along with our beloved Sam Bartlett, the rhythm-meister.  Also joining the Old Time band this year is Joel Lensch, a Hogwire Stringband alumnus, and Robert Widlowski, a Jacobs School bass player who can play it all.  Additionally, Grey Larsen and Eric Schedler will be lending their expertise to all things Irish, which is fitting since our dance guests this year hail from the Ryan Academy of Irish Dance.  And of course, Tamara's Foot Squad will be providing all manner of rhythmic delights!  We hope you can join us.

We also want to announce the formation of our new contra and square dance band, the Hoosier Crackerjacks. The band includes Tamara Loewenthal calling, with foot percussion; Jamie Gans on fiddle; Dave Landreth on banjo; Jim Nelson on guitar; and Dedo Norris on bass. Go to our Schedule page to see some of those upcoming dances - and contact us for further bookings!

And of course, please email us for more information, or just to say hi. We love to hear from you.


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The Fiddle River String Band at The Indiana Fiddler's Gathering

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Battlefield Park, Battle Ground, Indiana


The Fiddle River String Band features Jamie (fiddle), Tamara (feet, vocals, fiddle and square dance calling), Bob Lucas (banjo, guitar and vocals) and Chris Westhoff ( guitar, bass and vocals) www.indianafiddlersgathering.org

Age limit: All ages